ux designer for hire

Less is more- Mies Van de Rohe

ux work

LoudBeacon | mobile application


Two other designers and company founder

my role
Project Lead, Information Architect,
Interaction Designer

Visual Designer, Researcher, Tester

Researcher, Writer, Tester


Sketch, Illustrator, Marvel, pen and paper


To help LoudBeacon define a user interface that lets mobile businesses share their location to customers in real time.


User testing helped define location and naming of main UI element - how a business broadcasts their location.

FairWeather Camping | web application


Individual project

User Researcher, Information Architect,
Interaction Designer


Sketch, InVision, pen and paper


To create a web application that helps people plan and manage their outdoor adventure with friends.


Based on user research, users needed a way to easily tag-along on trips that their friends had planned.

Festival App | mobile application


Done in collaboration with two other designers

my role
Project Lead, Information Architect,
Interaction Designer

Visual Designer, User Researcher

User Researcher, Interaction Designer


Axure, pen and paper


To build a more optimized mobile experience for festival goers.


Initial naming conventions were difficult to understand but the functionality was desirable.


about me

I am a UX designer that is building off my career in architecture. The work that is involved with UX parallels the work I was passionate about in architecture with the emphasis on designing with the user and data in mind. Along with my curiosity to explore good design, I am a problem solver, team player and lifelong learner.

What I like about UX...

  • thinking about how the user navigates through the site,
  • working with a team to solve complex issues,
  • wireframing.

What I want out of life...

  • to be passionate about my job
  • to raise citizens of the world
  • to eventually have a team of my own.

Fun facts...

  • I've lived in 4 other countries besides the USA,
  • I ran a marathon just to say that I could do that,
  • I like sandwiches for breakfast.


BAM | research


Sketching, Plaster, Resin, & Photoshop

BAM was a concept project born from the desire of four graduate students in Architecture to explore how to take research and form design/architecture. It was a study on taking verbs: make, collect, contain and exchange and then creating art and architecture. Each person researched one of the verbs and produced sketches, sculptures and collages from the research. Those creations were later analyzed and combined in order to create a program and design for a “Faith Based School of Books and Baking.”

Al Ain Wildlife Park | plan


Sketching, Hand Drafting, Photoshop, InDesign, & AutoCAD

Al Ain Wildlife Park was a project to expand existing zoo exhibits and to create three wildlife safari exhibits. The challenge was to design a destination experience that is memorable to the zoo visitors, meets business goals—selling merchandise, and keeps the animals safe and happy. The team relied on the firm’s expertise in zoo design, the client’s knowledge of animal well being and interviewing marketing consultants in order to find the best solution to the problem. In the end, I created the initial plans for the safari pick up and drop off that included curated views, concession, a mosque, gift shop, restrooms and ticket sells.

219 Terry | design & test


Revit, Microsoft Office, & AutoCad

In Architecture there isn’t the same opportunity to design, test and iterate as in software development. Instead, architects use what they learned from one project in order to design the next project. At 219 my firm was hired to design the core and shell along with 4 tenant spaces. The projects overlapped but at the same time the team was able to develop 4 unique experiences for each tenant, develop a stronger design standard using a new tool, Revit, and how to create better design documentation in order to help communicate the design intentions with the contractors.